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Consulting Services

The marketing environment in which businesses grow is constantly changing. Want to have a flexible and customizable resource that helps you to adapt to these changes? As an award-winning marketer, AAM will work closely with you to address and solve any of your marketing and business needs as they arise.


Take a look at some of our personalized services below, keeping in mind we adapt to what you need, and then let's connect to discuss how we can boost your business!


Macro Research & Analysis

How well do you understand the environment in which you operate? 

Let's connect so you can discover:

Consumer and industry trends

Technology including social media

Economic, environmental, and sociocultural issues

Competitive analysis

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 5.44.27 PM.png

Brand Strategy

Are you conveying the essence of your brand effectively? 


Let's connect so you can receive: 

Logo design or redesign

Brand identity kit 

Brand positioning & analysis

Customized pitch deck


Customizable Promotional Campaign

Does your audience know your story?


Let's connect so you can gain:

Macro research & analysis

Creative strategy

Media planning & timeline

Evaluation criteria & timeline

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