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Case Studies

AAM is results-driven. We have experience in consumer goods, retail, health and wellness, hospitality, B2B, and more! Check out some of our client work below and how we can boost your brand today. 

Pitch Decks

Successful pitch decks must match your brand image and identity and include essential elements that persuade investors. They should be easy to comprehend, visually appealing, and persuasive.

This deck was customized for a plant-based food business that was looking to raise funds for its new deli and marketplace.

"I wanted to share some great news with you.  I used the Pitch Deck (with some alterations) to secure $130,000 worth of Grant Funding!!!!!!  Motor City Match is paying for our Architect, Design, and Engineering costs and the EFOD Fund is granting us $100K in grant funding.  We are eligible to get an additional $50K from Motor City Match because we now meet the criteria of having at least 10% of our total budget in place."       -N. Bandele, Founder & Owner

Digital Media Campaigns

Here is an example of a digital media campaign created for a yoga and dance studio in the Bronx whose goal was to add virtual corporate packages to its list of unique offerings. We utilized an integrated approach and varied the types of posts. In addition, evaluation criteria and a detailed content calendar were created to aid our client’s media planning and organization. 

Brand Strategy

Being unique to competition, matching the client's brand image and identity, and staying consistent across all mediums are key!

This new brand identity was created for an odor eliminating brand whose product is non-toxic, fragrance-free, and non-allergenic that is made in the USA by a family of chemists. Based on its brand personality, tone, and promise, AAM designed a new color palette and proposed new font styles; designed a new logo, submarks, and new product labels; modified their website, and created a social media campaign for all their platforms. 

"AAM has been an absolute pleasure to work with from a personal and business perspective. Amy is extremely knowledgeable as a marketing strategist and is also a wonderful and caring person. She brought in a great team to assist on the projects and did an excellent job at managing. Trust is extremely important, and Amy is someone I trusted immediately. Her dedication, kindness, competence, and integrity are second to none. I feel as though I have gained a friend in Amy as well as a wonderful business confidant. For any small business looking to expand your market reach, I would highly recommend choosing AAM."

-A. Weber, Founder & Owner

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