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Designing Persuasive Communication

MKT 407 is a multidisciplinary course that examines the principles of persuasion and how they relate to designing compelling marketing materials. Through the development of research, campaign planning, promotions, and customer relations management, student teams create influential, turnkey promotional campaigns for our clients.

Clients who collaborate on this project work with up to 4 student teams and, at the end of the semester, select the team with the best overall campaign. From extensive macro research to developing customer personas and big ideas, student teams work hard to win their client's favor!

These images show a recent campaign and strategic assets created by the team who won their client's favor.

Student Testimonial

This is the second class I’ve taken with Amy. She treats every student with respect and gives them the attention and time that they need. Again, this class was amazing and granted me a lot of real-life skills to bring to the workforce. I improved on my presenting skills, learned real applicable things, and overall was just amazed at how hard everyone worked and how dedicated she was during every office hour, email, and phone call throughout the entire process. She was my favorite teacher at Ross and at Michigan — I feel better prepared for my full-time job because of this class. I feel like it gave me an inside look at how not only advertising/marketing companies are designed, but how they operate within a team.


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