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EUMELANIN is a Detroit-based, e-commerce brand developed by Deirdre Roberson that sells apparel & jewelry inspired by melanated skin. Named after the chemical structure that produces black and brown pigments in human hair and skin, EUMELANIN is founded on the intersection of science, style, and self-love. The brand aims to disrupt the conversation of colorism and empower people of color to love and embrace their natural skin. Deirdre came to me through the Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP) hoping to enhance EUMELANIN's prevalence in the world of fashion as a chic, one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing brand. As a result, my MKT 407: Designing Persuasive Communication students and I worked with Deirdre to accomplish her goals for EUMELANIN by increasing brand awareness and refining a concise, inspirational brand platform for customers to recognize and resonate with online, in-person, and on social media.



The introductory EUMELANIN product line placed the company primarily in the e-commerce fashion industry.  Due to digital innovation, rising globalization, and changes in consumer spending habits, the e-commerce industry is steadily growing. EUMELANIN's intersection of science, style, and self-love lands its products in multiple e-commerce product categories including clothing, accessories, and social cause awareness.


While industry growth can lead to more potential customers across platforms, it also makes for more competitors. Low barriers-to-entry make it easier for other e-commerce brands to join the industry. The team found several activist-inspired clothing and makeup lines that are inspired by "black-excellence", "melanin mermaids", and other black and brown muses. EUMELANIN's focus on chemistry stood out from the rest.


EUMELANIN consumers are young, socially-conscious people of color who aim to connect with their communities, connect with science, and connect with their color.


Marketing Strategies




Media Mix Strategy

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Product Differentiation

Positioning Statement

For young, socially-active people of color, EUMELANIN is the unique fashion brand that empowers them to embrace their own skin and provides them a space to begin disrupting the conversation on colorism.

Integrated Marketing Communications Message


Student-Made Material

As part of the agreement between the MKT 407: Designing Persuasive Communication clients and I, the client is entitled to full ownership of the creative materials from the winning team of his/her choosing. Every client’s portfolio of student-made materials includes two business presentations and papers, IMC message, promotional strategy, detailed budget, media timeline, and the specific deliverables tailored to each client. 


The 2020 Vision Team re-envisioned EUMELANIN’s brand by simplifying its elements while highlighting its foundation of science. They developed a creative strategy using the campaign message, "Your Chemistry. Your Color." aimed to unify EUMELANIN’s social media presence while speaking directly to and amplifying the voices of the brand’s expanded target market. Deliverables included a newly conceptualized brand design, online media presence, print, in-person, and digital deliverables that are currently being used to fulfill the brand's objectives.



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Client Testimonial

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