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Sweet Dreamz Creamery, LLC (SDC) is a Detroit-based family-run business that serves all-natural, vegan, and non-dairy ice cream pops to the Metro Detroit area. “Made with love” in owner Carla Quarm’s kitchen, SDC offered two main products — Dream Popz and the alcohol-infused Lushez, with flavors ranging from Cotton Candy and Mango Delight to Bailey’s Cookies & Cream and Peach Moscato. SDC generated revenue mainly through catered events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events; however, Carla decided it was time to switch gears and grow SDC on a larger scale. Carla came to me through the Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP) hoping to revamp her marketing strategy. As a result, my MKT 407: Designing Persuasive Communication students and I worked with Carla to accomplish her goal of developing partnerships with local specialty grocers and competing with larger brands while continuing to share her passion for healthy yet delicious frozen treats with Detroit pride.



The non-dairy, vegan, and all-natural ice cream category, although niche, had become very competitive in recent years. There were many national competitors with strong market presence such as Halo Top. SDC had very low brand awareness in comparison.


The rise of Pinterest and D.I.Y. as well as the volatility and rising costs of ingredients proved to be external threats to the industry.

“Dream Pops” was the name of a better-known up-and-coming competitor who had just partnered with Starbucks to distribute products in its stores nationwide.


Although “vegan” was associated with being healthy, people didn’t consider it “luxurious” or “delicious.”

Company Analysis


Alcohol-infused product line

High-quality and innovative plant-based ingredients emulate the traditional ice cream experience

Community-oriented mission


Bland packaging

Weak social media consistency and presentation

Low brand awareness, recognition, and SEO


Date sugar preference is increasing

Detroit’s millennial population continues to grow

Detroit and Ann Arbor were nationally ranked for vegan consumption


Rising costs of ingredients

Existing competitors with larger market shares

D.I.Y. and Pinterest

Customer Segments & Personas


Adventurous Abby

SDC provides a unique alcohol experience for professional millennial women through its product Lushez.  The simple, all-natural ingredients and fun flavors of Lushez allow women like Adventurous Abby to maintain a healthy and social lifestyle.


Do-It-All Deborah

SDC is a high-quality ice cream brand whose product, Dream Popz, is safe and enjoyable for all children — even those with dietary restrictions. The all-natural non-dairy ingredients of Dream Popz allow health-conscious mothers like Do-It-All Deborah to treat their dietary restrictive children without sacrificing the creamy texture or delicious taste of the traditional ice cream experience.


Empty-Nester Esther

SDC provides a relaxing luxury alcohol experience that differs from the usual fare of wine or fruity drinks while providing comparable levels of alcohol content. Luxurious flavors such as Tequila Sunrise and Cherry Wine allow older women with disposable income to treat themselves in a way that is both familiar and innovative.


Grocery Gary

SDC is a high-quality local brand whose several unique offerings — Lushez and Dream Popz — will help specialty grocery store owners like Grocery Gary attract new customers and stand out from their local competitors.

Marketing Strategies


Psychographic Positioning


multiple segment.png

Multiple Segment


product differentiation.png

Product Differentiation


Positioning Statement

Sweet Dreamz Creamery is a premium all-natural vegan ice cream pop company that provides a one-of-a-kind ice cream experience to health-conscious women as well as those with dietary restrictions, due to its creamy texture, indulgent flavors, and alcohol-infused offerings.

Integrated Marketing Communications Message



Student-Made Material

As part of the agreement between the MKT 407: Designing Persuasive Communication clients and I, the client is entitled to full ownership of the creative materials from the winning team of his/her choosing. Every client’s portfolio of student-made material includes two business presentations and papers, IMC message, promotional strategy, detailed budget, media timeline, and the specific deliverables tailored to each client.


The UpDog Advertising team created a variety of materials, including a social media guide with 50+ social media posts and captions, an email marketing template, a press release template, a newsletter template, and a comprehensive media calendar. Additionally, UpDog Advertising created a new company logo, new product branding and packaging, and a promotional campaign kick-off video, featured below.

Pure Popz Packaging.png
SDC logo.png
Tipsy Stickz Packaging.png
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