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Client Testimonials

Deirdre Roberson


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Frederick Paul II

Founder & Owner, Fahrenheit 313

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"Amy Angell was a Godsend. I reached out to Amy when my new business, Autism Compass Consulting, was struggling to gain traction in the market. The product and service was highly valuable, but the marketing simply wasn't there. Amy asked the right questions, put a process in motion, and developed the perfect plan for the company. Her expert insight and input were exactly what I needed. I am eternally grateful." 

Jamesena Ingram

Founder & Owner, Autism Compass Consulting

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"Amy Angell was actually referred to Thrive Juicery by a customer who was one of her students at Ross. This student visited Thrive often in its first weeks and he felt Amy could help our new business get off the ground. I can't tell you how grateful we are to that customer! Amy has been instrumental in giving us marketing guidance every step of the way.


The students from her classes have helped us engage the University of Michigan students as customers. Though the list is long on how our business has improved, the most treasured deliverable that Amy and her team have helped Thrive with is connecting better with our customers both through an improved social media presence, customer surveys, and marketing tactics to promote traffic to our new location.


We would recommend Amy to anyone looking for marketing assistance, especially new business owners who can feel overwhelmed by the many needs of getting a new concept started. Amy has not only been a tremendous help to us at Thrive but she is an incredibly talented and charismatic teacher. We have gained several Thrive employees from the students in her class that worked with us and their respect for her talent is really incredible to hear. I have had the privilege of watching her lead her class and I can't help but think what blessed students they are to learn from such an amazing mentor." 

Anna Mignery

Founder & Owner, Thrive Juicery

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"I worked with Amy on a project with one of her marketing classes.  We were tackling the issue of volunteer recruitment for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County. Amy was direct in her expectations of the class, but also the partner non-profits, easily approachable, and responsive to all of our needs.  Under Amy's guidance, three groups of students were able to create some new and innovative ways for us to think about recruitment and the use of social media.  I would most certainly recommend working with Amy.  She's so positive and approachable, and just fun to work with."

Jennifer Spitler

Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County

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"Initially, we had an issue with our products being lost in the mix, growth in stores overall, and we were in need of marketing to a larger audience to grow sales without personal contact. The students that were part of Amy's class were very attentive, interested, and driven to find solutions. In helping with web, social, and communication with stores, they allowed for a much larger net to be cast without the need for such a grassroots look and feel.


Overnight, we took a more professional approach and were able to utilize the ideas, developments, and imagery that were worked on by the students to grow the business outside of personal sales. In doing this, we unknowingly prepared ourselves for the shift caused by Covid-19, and have been weathering the storm A LOT better than we would have. So, while the growth in business was temporary, the ability to keep the business alive during the most difficult time proved to be very much worth the experience.


I would absolutely recommend this experience to our Detroit Business community. I found comfort in knowing there was someone else who cared about my business and was able to make steps forward with me." 

Carlos Parisi

Co-Owner, Aunt Nee's Fresh Foods

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"Ross BBA Capstone students were able to bring a fresh perspective to our brands and identified new opportunities for Ford in the marketplace. We have been really impressed with their enthusiasm, collaboration and overall response to the challenge we set."

Alicia Agius

Ford Motor Company

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